Sophia William BKSP

Sophia Williams

Founder/Managing Director at BKSP

Meet Sophia, the OG of BKSP! This superwoman has lived a life of adventure, with a touch of glamour and a bucket load of hard work in between! Having lived, studied, and worked around the globe, Sophia’s diverse career has seen her gain a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Montreal, Canada, rise through the ranks of luxury fashion empire Louis Vuitton and run her own furniture and Interior Design business in Australia.  Sophia’s extensive experience, knowledge, and absolute love of fashion and design have culminated into her passion project, BKSP and she is so proud to share it with you!

Outside of work, you will find Sophia with her two rapidly growing and very handsome sons, happily living mum-life and doing the rounds of school, basketball, football drop-offs, feeding them and then feeding them some more… it’s all go for this energetic lady. Sophia loves to take time out to spend with friends, exercise, stay healthy and she has one of the best laughs you will hear, completely infectious!!

Fun facts:

Background – Raised by a white French mother, and a black African father in Paris.
Languages – A multi-lingual dynamo, fluent in French, English, Italian, and a little Swahili.
Confession – secretly loves and devours French Fries at every opportunity.