BKSP is an Australian, ethical active-wear brand for women who choose to lead with the heart with refreshing candor. Their lives are and have been a mosaic of meaningful experiences that have led them to uncover the secret to living a fulfilled life: not being sheepish nor rebellious, but rather, killing with kindness. Meditation, exercise and self-care are integral to the black sheep’s journey inwards. These black sheep have found a home in Australia’s multi-cultural social fabric and thereforeimbibe the region’s vivacious, unfiltered, easy-going nature, and free spirit. But don’t ever mistake the kindness of the black sheep for weakness, their silence for ignorance, or calmness for acceptance. You may consider them outcasts, but they are more in touch with themselves than you think. They will always bleat the truth! Our activewear is globally inspired, ethically sourced, high quality, and constructed to fit every body type. Its comfort, performance, versatility, and vivacity empower the black sheep of today to remain consistent with their wellness goals alongside the urban rut.  As a brand, we’re driven by: