Join the BKSP journey, share in our story, brand & the big ‘why’

Here’s the short of it.

BKSP is an eco-friendly, sustainable and ethically-driven brand that isn’t afraid to break the rules. In fact, we kinda dig being a little off-centre and quirky. You know that person that always laughs too loud and for way too long over the silliest thing? That’s us. No shame. You too? Welcome to the BKSP fam.

Did we mention that we’re incredibly proud to be Australian made and owned as well? Nothing better than supporting our homegrown makers and dreamers.

Meet Sophia, a.k.a the creator and brains of BKSP.

Hey, you! Thank you so much for exploring the BKSP collection and if you’ve come this far – damn, I dig your vibe. BKSP is my baby dreamt to life, but we’re a little bit more than just about clothing. People are my thing, and as I go to sleep at night I think what have I done for humanity today?

Black Sheep is a state of mind, it truly matters to me that all types of people are fairly represented in our culture and media. Black Sheep does that with our approach to style, everyone can wear it, use it to say something or just be themselves.

I bring everything I love in life to the BKSP experience, and I hope we can share that together. Oh, and the laughing reference at the beginning? That’s me. I love to laugh and really loudly, till I’m gasping for air.

Rather than bore you with all the details, here’s a cheeky summary of who I am:

As an avid traveller and global adventurer from a very young age, I finally settled in Australia as a proud maman (you got it – I’m Parisian!) of two boys and a toy poodle. In my life experience it’s the wellbeing and welfare of humanity that reaches into my soul. That’s what our brand is about and the real essence of BKSP. We care about everyone. Life for me is packing it all in with fitness, travel, fashion, and sharing my adventures as a beach lover, nature seeker and yoga nut. What else? Oh yeah, I’m a dedicated LOLer! (laugh out loud-er).

BIG THANKS again for dropping by and I look forward to filling your wardrobe with BKSP goodies. And because goodbyes can be a little awkward, I’d like to share some words with you from Coco Chanel, my ultimate dinner party guest, who did it her way.

“The most courageous act is still to think for yourself. Aloud.”

Ready for the long of it?

Everyone has a story and we’re all on a path for more. At BKSP, we’re big on honouring your story and celebrating the journey. We’ve designed fluid and rocking activewear to support you to be self-expressed. We want you to shine bright and stand tall! Being yourself is your greatest power, that’s been my most important life discovery and now my best asset. I’d love you to make it yours too.  

You do you. Life can be a juggle – running a home, caring for family, then trying your damnedest to squeeze in some me-time either chilling, or sweating it out at the gym. Be the BLACK SHEEP who marches and dances to the beat of their own drum. NO matter how you’re feeling or wherever you are in life, just remember this mantra, “it’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey”.

You know what?  BKSP see’s you.

Let’s dive a bit deeper.

We all want the world to be a better place and at BKSP, we believe that starts with respect for humanity and our planet. With you by our side, our small steps can and will lead to mighty changes. Go team!

Humanity – Our people, our community.

Let’s start with us, you and me. The BKSP family is one where everyone is truly (madly and deeply) on the team, moving and shaking it. It’s an equal playing field with a blatant disregard for societal perceptions about your appearance, shape, size, culture, beliefs and blah, blah, blah. Or should we say baa, baa baa? Point being, care factor zero when it comes to others’ definition of who you are.

All we care about is liberating you to thrive and be a better you, the best you, if you will. Now that we’ve endearingly anointed you a BLACK SHEEP, you’re free to embrace that little rebellious streak that lurks in you (you know it’s there). Be free, stray from the monotone of society and live a purpose-filled life on your terms. Be fierce, be bold, be playful, BE YOU. Smile lots, laugh harder. There’s only one of you in this crazy, beautiful world, so you best make your guest star appearance count.

Feeling hyped?  Great, let’s keep it moving. We want that same sense of empowerment, purpose and joy to be contagious, for it to spill over into the greater community. It’s our way of giving back. Be good, be more. Do good, do more.

BKSP will be partnering with local charities and donating a percentage of our company’s annual profits to various homegrown and global community-oriented projects. Youth mental health organisations are our soft spot and the leading priority for one simple reason – our future generations depend on it. By removing the negative stigma and through prevention and early intervention, we can enhance the wellbeing of our community.

To learn more about BKSP and youth mental health, please click the links below:
For Headspace, click here.
For Beyond Blue, click here.