We’ve all worn them, we’ve all loved them. The activewear bra, or sports bra as we call it, has been around for a long time and is a favorite amongst women. Women have been active in sports for centuries and even more so now than ever before. Be it a casual jog in the park or an intense session in the gym, women need the right type of gear. The activewear bra by BKSP is just what you need to hit your workouts with style.BKSP activewear bra

Wear It All Day, Every Day

Finding the right activewear bra can be quite an arduous task. It isn’t as simple as just picking one from the rack. Activewear bras act as workout companions and have to be just the right kind for you to hit your workouts in full swing. Countless women complain about their fit, while others complain that their activewear sports bras struggle to keep things in place. This is exactly why the BKSP activewear bras are designed with careful consideration of the unapologetic and active customer it targets. The BKSP woman is a go-getter, a warrior who is out there to make a difference and our activewear bras help them do just that!


Stylish yet wearable, practical yet unconventional, this is the best activewear bra in Australia, and we know it. Designed to fit the need of every woman every day, these sports bras have soft cushioning. It helps keeps things in place close to the chest, allowing you to move about freely and with visible confidence. The cushioning is super soft and leaves no everyday battle wounds behind.

BKSP Cosmic Bliss Crop Black

What To Expect From the BKSP Activewear Bra

Confident and empowered women inspire the designing of the BKSP range of apparel. Drenched in sassy aesthetics and utility, our activewear bra range features several designs that are all developed to keep your workouts comfortable, seamless, and stylish. The cut-out detailing at the front, coupled with the moisture-wicking fabrics lets your breeze through your workouts. It also features removable bra pads that allow for the freedom you so richly deserve. We use ultra-stretchable, soft, and shape-retaining fabrics across the entire activewear bra range. From super sweaty workouts to a zen yoga session, the BKSP activewear bras run the gamut.

BKSP Free To Be Crop Top Pink

Style with Substance

Deep purpose, a mission, and a voice has given birth to our brand. That voice has guided the brand to be the flagbearers of sustainability and ethicality in apparel. BKSP is a responsible brand and so are its customers. We’re a brand driven by self-care and wellness that encourages style and panache. But, not without considering the social impact of it. Ethically sourced fabrics are used in the manufacturing of all activewear bras by BKSP. We make sure to limit our carbon footprint because the world we live in today is in desperate need of it. These makes are BKSP community fellow advocates of sustainability in fashion. It is a cause that we as a company are immensely passionate about and proud of. Give yourself a pat on the back when wearing our activewear bras, because you deserve it!